I hope you guys are interested in starting your own Peer to Peer exchange business.

Nowadays, P2P trading is getting popular as many traders don’t just like third parties involvement within the exchange.

Everyone has big dreams about starting their own business. But due to some issues  like cost, Time and ..etc.., there will be a delay in starting.

“Every problem is a gift -without problems, we would not grow.

So, we have a plan for providing the wazrix clone script.

Here we are going to discuss about the Launch of your wazrix clone script

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Wazirx Clone Script is that the white label website script with 100% ASCII text file encrypted with advanced security measures and replicates the functionalities of WazirX so that any budding businessman can instantly start a Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange like Wazirx with wazirx clone Script. Our Wazirx exchange clone script has undergone an entire testing process and is completely designed based upon cybersecurity guidelines. The website built using Enkryptoz’s wazirx clone script promises top-notch security and remains unhackable. Our script’s marvelous thing is that Customization business people can customize this script to support their business requirements and stand up to the gang of competitors.

Essential Features of Wazirx Clone Script 

P2P Crypto Trading

P2P Trading eliminates the necessity for third parties within the trading process. 

Multiple Cryptocurrency wallet

Integrated Cryptocurrency wallet that would support quite 100+ Cryptocurrencies within the trading process. A Multi-Signature Cryptocurrency wallet is created to stop theft and hacking.

Escrow Integration

Escrow Protection is far needed for any sort of Cryptocurrency Exchange to stop traders from hacking and theft with a multi-signature wallet.

Super-Fast Trade Matching Engine

To provide jet-speed trading, we’ve integrated a super-fast trade matching engine to facilitate a butter-smooth trading experience for every level trader.

Multiple Layer Security

To provide a high performance ecosystem to traders, Multiple security layers like SSL implementation, two-factor authentication is incorporated in our script.

Integrated Trading bot

An integrated trading bot can enable a sophisticated trading experience for traders. The bot provides trading automatically when the market value matches the programmed price.

High Transaction Speed

High transaction speed to scale back the more Time for traders. Here in our wazirx clone, Lightning speed transaction speed is totally possible.

Important Features of Wazirx clone Script

  • Cryptocurrency staking
  • User-friendly CMS/ Admin panel
  • Bounty Features
  • Atomic Swap
  • Escrow With Smart Contract
  • IEO/Launchpad
  • OTC Trading
  • DEX
  • Futures and options trading
  • ERC-20 Ethereum Tokens and TRX Tokens Support
  • Cryptocurrency staking
  • User-friendly CMS/ Admin panel
  • Bounty Features
  • Atomic Swap

Premium Features of our WazirX Clone App

  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Instant notifications
  • QR Scanning
  • Ratings and Feedback facilities
  • Location Tracking
  • Live Chat Options
  • Transaction History
  • Ad-posting facility
  • Encrypted Private key
  • Multiple language support
  • White list options
  • Fast KYC Verification
  • Advanced Price Tracking

Why Start an Exchange Like WazirX?

WazirX is an Indian-based Peer to see Crypto Exchange Platform that gives a robust trading interface that allows for direct and fast buy/sell of crypto assets.

As India stands within the middle of “The acceptance and regulation of cryptos and Blockchain” inside the country, only a couple of entrepreneurs can start a business associated with cryptocurrency/blockchain.

If you begin your crypto exchange like WazirX in India, you’ll also make giant users and stand call at the gang. You’ll also expand your services throughout the world and make more income and traders.

Here are some important highlights of WazirX Exchange that one must know before starting an exchange like WazirX.

Business Benefits of building an Exchange like Wazirx

Brand Identification

Quick Market Launch


Reduces Time and energy


Enhanced in ROI

Builds Trust

High Liquidity

What Is Wazrix?

WazirX is one of India’s foremost famous crypto exchange platforms, which permits for Peer to Peer trading of crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoins, and a lot more. WazirX may be a crypto exchange with advanced trading features and an interface. It’s the sole exchange in India that features a Live military formation Book system to trade crypto assets.

Important Highlights of WazirX

1. WazirX is an Indian crypto trading platform that exchanges cryptocurrencies using a real-time military formation book system.

2. WRX may be a digital currency like Bitcoin whose value, liquidity, and utility increase substantially with Time.

WRX may be a crypto coin/token of WazirX, which may be used to purchase and sell other cryptocurrencies.

3. WazirX allows for the buy/sell of USDT( Tether ) for INR directly with other traders. Tether is additionally a stable coin that features a value adequate to fiat currencies.

4. WazirX offers deposits and withdrawals at a tremendous speed and with less effort.

5. you’ll store your digital assets in your WazirX wallet, which is safer and protective.

6. WazirX is among the foremost secure exchanges in India because it inherits the Bitcoin Escrow concept in trading and invests in regular security audits.

7. In WazirX, you’ll experience the KYC verification process within a couple of hours, and their experts are working to scale back it to a couple of minutes.

8. The trading speed on WazirX is quicker because it features a system infrastructure that will handle many transactions in a second.

9. WazirX offers a mobile app through which you’ll trade cryptocurrency, which is understood because of the native crypto trading app of WazirX, “WazirX App. “

10. Totally, WazirX offers a quick and safe trading experience on all platforms like online, ios, and Android.

11. The transaction fees on WazirX are predicated on the Maker-Taker Model, during which the maker gets a bonus.

Maker – 0.20% bonus

Taker- 0.25 party to the transaction fees.

Is It Safe to Trade on WazirX?

To explain how safe WazirX is for trading, allow us to glance at the items that the WazirX team explained on “Crypto Ban In India “.

WazirX explained that Crypto Ban in India is simply a draft, and it’s not true, albeit the draft is true. It should be presented in parliament and passed by the majority.

Until there’s no official Government announcement about the “Crypto Ban In India”, so you don’t have to panic about crypto trading in India, also as WazirX.

Even after the state’s announcement, all your funds will be safer, as WazirX is now registered as International Exchange.

How to Start an Exchange like WazirX?

To start your crypto exchange like WazirX, you would like a WazirX clone script that possesses all the features of WazirX.

Enkryptoz – the simplest Crypto Exchange Development Company, offers the most straightforward crypto exchange clone scripts of top-most exchanges. We develop a WazirX clone script with enhanced features and advanced security modules.

We furnish our clone script development services overseas, and that we have happy clients across all borders.

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Why Choose Enkryptoz for Wazirx Clone Development?

We Enkryptoz, the strong team of innovative workers dominating the industry with our solid experience. We are documented for providing bug-less cryptocurrency exchange scripts on Time. Our business experts update the wazirx clone script to support industrial trends. we offer white label wazirx clone development services to create your p2p crypto exchange like wazirx

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