Twitter is undoubtedly a well-liked microblogging platform. It’s also made user-friendly changes by increasing the dimensions limit for tweets from 140 characters to 280 characters. However, most of the netizens don’t receive any revenue by posting tweets on the web platform. Only promoted tweets can fetch some income, counting on the number of clicks and impressions. However, there’s one platform getting to change that.

It is none aside from Valuables by Cent (V.cent), an NFT marketplace.

Real creators of a tweet can sell their unique content for a high price anytime. Buyers will get Tweet-based crypto-collectibles alongside an autograph. Notably, the trading volume of Non-Fungible tokens may be a whopping $5.93 billion now as per CoinMarketCap. Hence, businessmen can strike gold by procuring a V.cent Clone Script from Enkryptoz.

What is V.cent NFT Marketplace?

It is a web platform where content creators, influencers, and users can mint their tweets effortlessly. There are three parts within the Cent clone (Minted, Offers, and Sales). Interested investors can click any Tweet put purchasable by a content creator.

They can make a selected offer after checking the date and time of the tweet, image, and therefore the vendor’s name. Notably, the Ethereum blockchain network mints the tweets quickly.

Generally, the one that makes the most straightforward bid gets the rare NFT. Artists and content creators have total freedom to accept or reject a bid made by a buyer simply. after few minutes, the tweet is automatically minted on the immutable blockchain network. The investors get virtual ownership of the tweet-based digital collectible and an autograph of the vendor.

Investors still Purchase an outsized Number Of Crypto Collectibles. They need to buy 34258 Digital Collectibles Worth $70.22 Million within the Last 1 Week As Per The NonFungible Database. There Are a complete Of 984,089 NFTs within the World As Per CoinRanking. It Indicates That Content Creators also are Tokenizing Their Tweets As worth Crypto Collectibles.

What Is The Best Way To Buy Important Ownership Rights To A Celebrity’s Tweet?

For instance, Twitter’s CEO and co-founder, Jack Dorsey, sold his tweet as an NFT for a staggering 1630 Ether ($2.9 million). In March 2021, the Cent (V.cent) marketplace completed a trading contract on the property.

Jack’s tweet was purchased on the V.cent marketplace by Sina Estavi, the CEO of Bridge Oracle, a company that offers the TRON blockchain network. The fact that Dorsey’s digital collectible was the first tweet ever made on Twitter was the rationale for its high price (March 21, 2006).

Later, Jack Dorsey changed the $2.9 million into Bitcoin (BTC) and donated the equivalent amount to a charity (Give Directly Africa Response). NFTs have two major Unique Selling Points: exclusivity and non-interchangeability (USP). The customer of the NFT gets a digital certificate that’s also signed as verified by Dorsey. Further, investors get tons of flexibility as they will resell the rare crypto collectible on a secondary marketplace and earn profits.

The Top 5 Features Of Our V.cent Clone Script

Activity Section

It shares real-time updates about new tweets purchasable. some content creators mint their tweets to the gallery of the Cent clone. Users also can copy the link to the tweet, like, and share it anytime. Generally, they will purchase tweets containing images and videos of automobiles, caricatures, cartoons, luxury watches, natural elements, pets, etc.

California Civil Code (CCC) Compliant

Our NFT marketplace, like V.cent, follows the rules of the California Consumer Code (CCC). Especially, investors can exercise their rights under section 1789.3. they will demand information like the address, email address, and phone number of the contractor who provides electronic commerce services and solutions.

Seamless Integration With The MetaMask Wallet

Tweet-based NFTs can be safely stored in the MetaMask digital wallet. They’ll access it using a smartphone app or a web browser. Investors can copy both their ERC-721 and ERC-1155 based assets. They will get access to features like a key vault, protection by a password or a personal key, and a secure login option.

Twitter Sign-In Mechanism

Since our V.cent Clone Script sells tweets as NFTs, content creators and users can sync their Twitter accounts. The Cent NFT marketplace accesses all the knowledge like collections and lists, email address, and inventory of reports (blocked, muted, and followed), profile details, and guarded tweets.

24×7 Technical Support

Entrepreneurs offer round-the-clock technical assistance to content creators and users. Likewise, investors can resolve issues associated with bidding, payment processing, privacy, and security. 

From Cent, There Are Various Revenue Streams Entrepreneurs like you may profit from our Cent clone by joining the NFT Marketplace Clone Script team. You’ll make money from auction fees, a commission on every Tweet sold, buyer gas fees, seller listing fees, minting fees, and transaction processing fees. As a result, our V.cent Clone Script provides a higher return on investment (ROI) than the costs of running the Ethereum blockchain network and adding new content creators and users.

What Is the biggest Difference Between ERC-721 And ERC-1155 Assets On The V.cent Clone Script?

On the Cent NFT marketplace, content creators and influencers can sell digital assets based on ERC-721 and ERC-1155. The Ethereum blockchain network’s official NFT standard is ERC-721. Investors can see the approved wallet address, owner’s name, Token ID, and thus the Token pair contract address in real-time.

The scope of ERC-1155 digital assets is greater than that of ERC-721. It is divided into three categories (fungible, non-fungible, and semi-fungible tokens). Each NFT has its own metadata and offers. Many crypto collectibles can be transferred by content providers. They are able to handle transactions at a minimal cost. Optional services such as atomic trading and escrow are also available to sellers.

How Much is that the Cost To Develop A V.cent NFT Marketplace?

The cost of creating a white-label V.cent Marketplace is not fixed. It is determined by factors such as cross-platform compatibility, hourly fees paid to blockchain developers, the nature of features on the NFT marketplace, the tech stack used to develop Ethereum-based smart contracts, and thus the amount of time spent minting ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs.

Why Choose Enkryptoz to determine A V.cent Clone?

Our team is very proficient in NFT marketplace clone scripts for monetizing social media content. We also offer another white-label solution named Moment, an NFT-based social media platform for content creators and fans. Hence, our skilled team skills to develop an NFT marketplace like V.cent ideally.

Similarly, our talented team members offer a wide range of services for the development of the Cent NFT marketplace. API integration, bug and glitch fixing, online marketing, payment gateway integration, legal compliance, integration with hardware and software wallets, software up-grading, technical assistance, and white-label clone NFT platform development are all available to entrepreneurs like you.

Social media is a fast-paced, real-time environment. As a result, at Enkryptoz, we ensure that your NFT Marketplace, such as V.cent, is up and running in just a few weeks. This gives you a competitive advantage over other social media networks.

Wrapping Up

Above all, famous NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible also sell Tweets alongside other assets to prospective buyers. However, the V.cent platform may be a one-of-the-kind platform just for the celebrities, content creators, influencers, and users of Twitter. Hence, it’s unique thanks to its full-fledged specialization in social media platforms. 

Mostly, netizens can sell both Tweet Artworks and Wrapped Tweets for an enormous price within the market.

Every sort of content has value, and users can monetize it effectively on our V.Cent marketplace. Hence revolutionize the social media platforms by purchasing the vivacious V.cent Clone Script from us now.

Make Use Of Our V.cent Clone Script And Emerge As A Pioneer within the NFT Trading World

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