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Here we discussed how to create your own dex exchange like uniswap?

Uniswap Clone Script

Uniswap clone Script – it’s ready to launch, fully tested and bug-free decentralized exchange script, which will help entrepreneurs to host a DeFi based dex platform like uniswap on top of Ethereum blockchain with clean and straightforward User Interface(UI). 

The ready-made uniswap clone script from Enkryptoz comes with both “swap and liquidity pool” Smart contracts that exist within the current uniswap DEX. Also, the script is formed to support margin trading and spot trading for quite 100+ cryptocurrencies including ETH, and ERC 20 Tokens.

The DEX exchange made from uniswap clone script can execute trades supported by “ Automated Market Making (AMM)”. Users/ Traders can easily swap or trade their desired cryptocurrency by connecting their web 3 wallets like Meta Mask, WalletConnect, Formatic, and Coinbase Wallet.

Uniswap Clone Script – Major Specification

Latest Version – Uniswap Clone V2 (Updated in 2020)

Script Type – Decentralized Exchange Script

Supported Cryptocurrencies – 100+ cryptos including BTC,BCH,ETH,XRP,etc.

Trading Fee Scheme – Maker : 0.30% , Taker : 0.30% ( are often customizable)

API – Liquidity API’s Integrated

Main Components of Our Uniswap Clone Script

Listed here are the components that one must integrate while creating a DeFi based Exchange Like Uniswap. Enkryptoz’s Uniswap Clone Script consists of the subsequent basic components

  • Token Distributor
  • Token Governance
  • Liquidity Pools API
  • Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Smart Contract
  • Payment Gateways
  • Privacy & Identity
  • Advanced UI/UX based user & admin panel
  • Security APIs and more.

Enkryptoz software is 100% customizable and deploying the Uniswap Clone Script with all the above featured components.

Important Features Uniswap Clone Script

Listed here are the essential features of Enkryptoz Uniswap Clone Script

Flash Swapping

In Uniswap clone one can make multi-step transactions which are referred to as Flash Swapping. This enables users to withdraw the reserves of any ERC 20 tokens.

Lower Fees

Uniswap Clone also follows the Maker-Taker fees model which charges 0.3% from both taker and maker for every transaction on the platform.

Ultra Security

As the smart contracts of Uniswap clone is made on Ethereum blockchain and audited properly, and it’s non-custodial, it provides high security because the protocols don’t carry funds.

New Tokens

Our Uniswap Clone supports instant trading through which anyone can access new tokens. Users can create their own token and pair any ERC 20 token with ETH to make liquidity for brand spanking new pools.

Own Custodian

The users of uniswap can keep their private keys for themselves, which suggests they’re the custodian of their own tokens and assets in order that they will directly exchange them with high liquidity pools.

Listed here are the main features that involved in Enkryptoz’s Uniswap Clone Script and software

  • Perfectly Audited Smart Contract
  • Swapping
  • Hardware Wallet Support
  • Liquidity Pools
  • Integrated Crypto Wallets
  • DeFi Yield Farming feature

Here let we discussed about Uniswap Exchange Clone Script process

  • Exchange API Integration
  • Liquidity Pooling Solutions
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration
  • Advanced UI/UX designing

Connect Our Experts to understand the worth of our Uniswap Clone Script Now!

Business Benefits of making Own DEX Like Uniswap

Listed here are the advantages of a business individual who wishes to launch its own defi based decentralized exchange like Uniswap.

Requires less initial investment

if chosen the proper DEX Development Company to create your own DEX like Uniswap.

No Middleman or Third Parties –

As the created DEX is totally decentralized, it doesn’t require any continuous manual input.

Can Generate high ROI

Return on investment (ROI) is going to be obviously high since theUniswap clone involves all functions like staking, yield farming, liquidity pools, and more.

Liquidity at Launch

Liquidity is the major risk factor of common DEX platforms, but DeFi based DEX’s like Uniswap can easily overcome liquidity risks.

Guaranteed Trading Volume

Can reach more trading volumes and users within a brief span, as Uniswap holds 95% of decentralized exchange space.

Quick Brand Identity

As DeFi is that way forward for the digital globe, building your own DEX platform by leveraging DeFi protocols can cause you to reach huge brand visibility.

Stick With The DeFi Trends

DeFi goes to be the recent talk for a minimum of 5 years from now. so, creating a DeFi based DEX like uniswap can help a business to stay with the DeFi Trends.

How to Create Your Own DEX Like Uniswap?

The easiest thanks to creating your own DEX platform like Uniswap is simply to form a just like Uniswap, ie., building a DEX platform by inheriting all the features and functions of the Uniswap platform. There are many cryptocurrency exchange development companies that provide the simplest decentralized exchange script to start out your own DEX platform. Enkryptoz, one of them offers extended crypto exchange development services with a singular just like Uniswap DEX exchange to start your DeFi based DEX Platform like Uniswap. With our Whitelabel Uniswap Clone Script, you’ll launch your DEX instantly and may customize the trading features as per your requirements and market trends.

How much does it cost to start out a DeFi based exchange like Uniswap with Enkryptoz’s Uniswap Clone Script?

Hope you’re clear, the way to start your own DeFi based DEX like Uniswap. Look below to understand why to start out an exchange like Uniswap.

Difference between Uniswap and Traditional DEX Platform

DEX platform relies on an order book mechanism and in Uniswap there’s no order book.

In DEX, each new token must be manually listed, whereas Uniswap is out there for all ERC 20 tokens.

Traditional DEX doesn’t have pool features but Uniswap allows users to participate in pools and gain rewards.

Uniswap doesn’t require any deposit, gateways, or custody for your money whereas DEX requires custody.

Uniswap Liquidity Pools

In any centralized exchange, the worth of any asset is decided by two factors.

The highest price at which the trader wants to buy/sell that asset and

The lowest price at which the trader wants to buy/sell that asset

But in decentralized exchange Uniswap, the worth of an asset relies on the exchange contracts.

In Uniswap, all the Ethereum tokens, ERC 20 tokens are kept within the exchange contract. This decentralized smart contract acts as an identical engine and makes the trades execute faster and doesn’t await any desired sellers and costs of crypto assets. Thus, with this liquidity pools of Uniswap drive the worth of any assets and don’t use any order book to match the buyers and sellers.

Listed here are the trading features supported by Uniswap, a DeFi based DEX Platform.


The most important feature of Uniswap is that it doesn’t restrict the trade of any asset pairs. Uniswap’s routing technology helps you to trade your own ERC20 token with any trading pair during a short time, by accessing the liquidity pools available within the platform.

Flash Swapping

Uniswap permits users to withdraw the reserves of any ERC 20 tokens and execute arbitrary logic at no upfront cost, through flash swapping. Thus, in Uniswap you’ll make multi-step transactions with free constraints.

Trading of any Ethereum Tokens

In Uniswap V2, the users can trade any Ethereum-based tokens, because it doesn’t support any listing process and charge any listing fees. Thus, in Uniswap V2, liquidity providers can combine any 2 ERC20 tokens as trading pairs.

No Custody for Funds

Uniswap features a smart contract that handles the trading and therefore the exchange doesn’t hold any user’s funds. Since, there’s no central authority to seize user funds, no requirement for KYC information to make accounts on Uniswap DEX.

No Order Book

For Price determination, Uniswap uses formulas supported token ratios and doesn’t use any centralized order books. This method prevents price manipulation and produces reliable prices of assets.

Who We Are?

We, Enkryptoz – Leading DeFi exchange script offer the best-decentralized finance solutions in the world. Our developers are experts in creating decentralized platforms by leveraging DeFi open-source protocols to make DeFi based DEX platforms like Uniswap. Our Uniswap Clone script involves end-to-end development and deployment of Uniswap Clone Script with all necessary features and plugins to start out your own DEX like Uniswap.

Feel free to catch our experts about the entire A to Z features of our Uniswap Clone Development!

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