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Hope you Gentlemens.. You guys all know about some legal contracts that are conveyed for smart the same time you all are now Decentralized systems.

Did you know about the DeFi based smart contract system?

OKay!!! Let us move on to deep diving into this topic.

The year 2021  turned out to be a remarkable one for the global crypto market. Global regulatory bodies are also becoming less apprehensive of cryptocurrencies and can be seen developing their own blockchain infrastructures.

What is DeFi Smart Contract Development?

Smart contracts are pre-defined automated lines of codes agreed between a buyer and seller upon an activity. When the pre-set conditions are met, the functions coded within the contract are executed.

Smart Contracts are the drive behind decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. And since DeFi has witnessed its impossible growth lately , smart contract development is on the increase . It’s mainly because both entrepreneurs and consumers are equally benefited by smart contracts, and hence the adoption rate is higher.

The advent of cryptocurrencies began in 2008 with Bitcoin. But, smart contracts date long back to the 1990s. The term was first coined by a cryptographer, Nick Szabo. He defined it as ‘A smart contract may be a set of promises, laid out in digital form, including protocols within which the parties perform on these promises.’

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Here, we discussed what are the digital promises?

What are these unique digital promises? and the way are they effectively adopted in finance?

Let’s begin with the prevailing concerns, and explore how digital promises of smart contracts sort them out comfortably .

Challenges in centralized organizations

Centralized finance organizations are transformed into decentralized with the assistance of smart contracts. By making it decentralized, it solves the subsequent issues.


Traditional financial bodies only offer limited online services. Hence, it fails to draw in the next-gen mass of users. Also, consistent with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, digitization of banks can cut costs by 60-80%.


Frequent shutdown of monetary services and security breaches are major concerns of consumers . Since the whole system is centralized, in no way can this be eliminated.

External factors:

Natural calamities, governmental policies, and competition are a number of the external factors that influence a financial body’s performance. This tends to disrupt the uniformity within the issuance of services.


Since our conventional finance is centralized, it’s susceptible to conflicts from both buyers and sellers. Constantly changing regulations, fraudulent activities, and inefficient organization resources are some areas that cause disputes.

Would you think if we told you smart contracts are the answer to unravel all the above-mentioned concerns?

Well, you’ve got to.

The next section uncovers the role played by smart contracts in DeFi.

Roles and Benefits of smart contracts in DeFi


Smart contracts are completely digitized lines of codes. Hence, they power the DeFi protocols to completely go browsing . It saves the prices of both the organization and its customers.


Smart contracts are regularly audited to see their conformation with standards. Their codes can never be altered once they’re prescribed by a buyer and a seller. Thus, it relieves the anxiety of both the purchasers and therefore the firm.

External factors:

It’s all integrated within the automated system. In no way can external factors interfere with the financial services offered by DeFi protocols.


Smart contracts leave no room for conflicts between buyers and sellers because the presence of an intermediary is ruled out.


Since third-parties are eliminated in smart contract based DeFi protocols, the value incurred for activities is extremely low.


The absence of human intervention promotes the utmost accuracy in operations.


The entire process is automated. Hence, manual functioning is practically reduced to zilch . Thus, the performance is quicker than conventional services.

Examples of smart contract based DeFi protocols

Some high-performing examples are as follows,

  • Compound
  • Maker
  • Synthetix


Compound is an Ethereum-based automated protocol for various crypto tokens. It supports BAT, DAI, ETH, USDC, REP, ZRX tokens. The rate of interest isn’t fixed within the Compound. It supports real-time market dynamics. When demand from borrowers increases, the rate of interest increases. When the lendable amount increases, the rate of interest decreases.


Maker’s Dai stablecoin may be a widely used synthetic in the DeFi space. it’s also an ethereum-based platform. Users can borrow DAI(pegged to USD) by depositing ETH as collateral.


Synthetix may be a decentralized issuance platform that helps users mint various synthetic assets, fiat currencies, derivatives, and cryptocurrencies. Users also can swap synthetic assets.

Business opportunities in DeFi protocols

  • DeFi has witnessed exponential growth in both the user base and therefore the total assets locked within the contracts.
  • At the time of writing, the entire value locked in DeFi contracts is $11.26 Billion, as per
  • A Coingecko survey had found that quite 40% of yield farmers had no idea (and couldn’t read) about smart contracts. Also, quite 90% of users have reaped a huge profit of 500%. This proves smart contracts are easy to adopt and use with non technical knowledge.


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