Now the cryptocurrency exchange platform is simpler with Localbitcoins Clone Script. Localbitcoins is one of the top-notch exchange platforms offering global trading services widely. High security and enhanced trading options sound Localbitcoins among the competitors. In recent days, the business startups choose Localbitcoins as a perfect choice concerning their cryptocurrency exchange website.

Why Do Users Prefer Localbitcoins?

Localbitcoins is the best peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform which makes exchanges simpler and secure. In Localbitcoins, the users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly which does not require any technical knowledge. Localbitcoins exchange platform is featured with multiple trading coins like Bitcoins, Ethereum, Lite coin, and so on. Localbitcoins integrates Escrow security which assures the buyers and sellers a secure transaction. The instant buy/sell bitcoins feature is the major reason for most of the crypto-traders to prefer LocalBitcoins.

How does Localbitcoins Clone Website work?

·        Initially there will be sign up for registration process then the user can log in to their account

·        On successful login, user can advertise their trading post based on which the user can receive the response from the buyer and vice versa with the seller

·        The exchange platform provides the seller/buyer’s trade history which helps the user to do effective trading.

·        For easy bidding, a chat window is provided

·        If the transaction time limits exit its automatically get terminated

·        Buyer once did the Fiat exchange, an acknowledgment through snap on the “Make payment complete” is sent to the seller and with it the seller exchanged the Cryptos from the escrow’s wallet. It indicates the completion of the successful transaction.

Localbitcoins Clone Script:

Localbitcoins Clone Script is a website clone script with added exchange functionalities and more secured features. Localbitcoins Clone Script enables you to implement your cryptocurrency exchange platform simply and effectively.

Salient features of Localbitcoins Clone Script:

·        Two-factor authentication

·        User-friendly

·        KYC Verification

·        Multi-currency support

·        Online/Offline trading options

·        Escrow Wallet

·        Premium UI/UX

·        Proximity Match

·        Dispute Resolution

·        Reputation System

·        Ads posting

 Escrow wallet

The escrow wallet provides escrow service which is a secure wallet that holds the bitcoin (any coin) while trading. Once the trade is accepted by the seller and with the acknowledgment, the escrow releases the coin with a successful transaction.

Two-factor authentication

The Two-factor authentication ensures the entire trading is free from hacking.

Multi-currency support: 

Localbitcoins Exchange platform facilitates various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

Reputation system: 

LocalBitcoins exchange list the trader reputation rank list based on the earlier activities or feedback.

Dispute Resolution: 

The admin processes the dispute resolution, in case of transaction error between the seller and buyer.

Ads Posting: 

The user can post various attractive posts regarding their trading.

Online/Offline trading process: 

LocalBitcoins exchange facilities both online and offline trading. In online trading exchanges of coins are processed through escrow applications. In offline trading, trading at their location is between the two parties.

Where to find the reliable Clone script Provider?

Starting a LocalBitcoins exchange platform is tedious and raises a lot of questions like where to buy, how to launch, etc. In the market, there are multiple clone script providers but the important question is trusted and reliable clone script providers. From the hands of the most trusted Cryptocurrency exchange software– Enkryptoz delivers the industry leading LocalBitcoins clone script based on your requirements with global standards.


No pressure, you can be a proprietor of a cryptocurrency exchange website and can raise a high market with the help of Localbitcoins clone script provided by enkryptoz.

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